Because of its properties determined with scientific and clinical trials, it’s recommended to be used as a supportive additive because it:

Detoxicates the body;

Helps in dealing with various benign and malignant tumors;

Is supportive to sanation of the HPV virus, Candida and other gynecological diseases;

Helps with problems with the prostate and urinary tract;

Stabilizes and optimizes the circulatory system;

Significantly improves the blood count (cholesterol, triglyceride, hemoglobin);

Prevents the development of atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis;

Improves kidney function, disposal of certain types of kidney stone and sand;

Enlarged and fatty liver;

Helps with Diabetes mellitus and reduces the occurrence of complications;

Optimizes the function of the endocrine glands;

Optimize the function of the endocrine glands;

Rapidly eliminates fungal infections on the skin and mucous membranes;

Helps with various types of allergies;

It has expressed antiviral and immunomodulatory effects;

Purification -  decalcification of a pineal gland

Accelerates the healing of wounds and burns, it is also recommended to utilize direct application of the Nanozeolit dust on them;

Improvement in neuro - psychological disorders; 

Is used in stomatology for surgical and invasive interventions, in diseases and lesions in the oral cavity, helping periodontitis  upsets, orally and by direct application to the gums;

 Assistance, treatment, recovery after chemotherapy, radiotherapy;

And of course, any one of us who wants rejuvenation, vitality and longevity!

Who, when, and how long can they drink NANOZEOLIT?

This 100% natural product can be used by any person who wants to improve their psycho-pyhysical energy, vitality and immunity. NANOZEOLIT is great for anyone who wants to detoxify their body of regular exposure to contaminants in the urban environment. It can be drunk by a healthy person preventively, but a  biggest boon of the power of the using these antioxidant is for the people with severe and minor diseases until the complete disappearance of symptoms and side effects of the diagnosed disease. It is also recommended for people who are exposed to inhalation or are in contact with substances that are harmful to health (workers in chemical laboratories, factories paint coatings, mines, concrete plants, printers, etc.).

The effects of purifying the body from toxins which in our everyday urban lives enter into our body through food, fluids and air, are visible even after the first week of using NANOZEOLIT. It can be used indefinitely, without any time restrictions, because it is natural and the body recognizes it as its own substance. In cases when its used in the above listed diseases, among which there are outstanding results based on clinical trials, there still is a need of a few months of treatment,  because we note that it is not a medicine, but a 100% natural highly biological active substance whose efficiency is due to the purification and regeneration of the cellular level naturally.

How is NANOZEOLIT consumed?

It is advisable to drink a teaspoon of the product 1-3 times a day, dissolved in 200 ml of water, tea or natural juice, freshly prepared. At the same time, it is necessary during the day to consume two to three liters of water. It is important to note the time interval of taking the nanozeolite, if the person is also on drug-oriented medication. The time interval between drinking  Nanozeolit and taking drugs should be at least 2.5-3 hours before or after their drinking because Nanozeolite  recognizes drugs  as foreign to the body  (chemicals) and eliminates  them from the body, reducing their effect.

Are there contraindications and side effects?

No, there are no contraindications, the body recognizes it as own substance. It is completely non-toxic and there are no registered side effects in the studies which are made on this topic, it is not addictive and does not accrue in the body, but is completely eliminated from the body.  There’s no possibility of overdose, but to give the best and optimal effect it is necessary to adhere to the recommended dosage. Acts synergistically and increases the positive effect of all preparations on a natural basis, herbs, vitamins and so on.

Where can I purchase NANOZEOLIT?

Our product NANOZEOLIT can bought it in all better supplied pharmacies across Macedonia, including some markets and health food stores. For additional information and questions please contact us at: email: phone: +389 (0)70 831 406