Report on clinical trials of TMAZ –NANOZEOLIT

This report focuses on the mineral product TMAZNANOZEOLIT which resulted from the investigation in vitro and in vivo on humans.
TMAZ is an natural mineral product: tribomechanical activated vulcano mineral zeolite. The specifically used zeolite is called Clinoptilolite.
The cellactive natural product NANOZEOLIT (TMAZ) is a new antioxidant with far higher capacities than any other known antioxidants. The tribomechanical activated and polarised natural mineral zeolite acts as a stabilizer on the cellmembrane and as an ionic exchanger with an active surface.


The effect of NANOZEOLIT was tested on three human cell lines: HeLa, CaCO-2 and HT-29. When NANOZEOLIT was added directly onto growing cells no effect on cell proliferation was observed in a concentration range from 10 on -6 to 10 on -2. However, the growth inhibition was dramatically reduced in a dose dependent manner with doses ranging from 10 on -2 to 10 on 2. Cell death was probably due to insolubility of the compound which physically damaged the cells when added to cultures in high concentrations. For this reason, in further experiments the cells were incubated with TMAZ pre-treated medium 24 hours after they were seeded on microtiter plates.
The summarized results are shown in Figure 1. The growth inhibition is apparent on all three cell lines and in all three concentrations being most significant on HeLa cells.
IMAGE  1 - Effects of TMAZ–NANOZEOLIT on the proliferation of human tumor cell lines

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