The most powerful antioxidant of the 21st century



What actually is NANOZEOLIT?

It is a mineral of volcanic origin zeolite (clinoptilolite) with a composition of essential minerals needed by the human body, which is treated with a patented nanotechnology procedure, making it one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. This is a highly biologically active substance, a product of nanotechnology, with particle sizes well below one micron (nanoparticles) that acts at the cellular level. Through the rich composition of active minerals (Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Na) performing ion exchange at the cellular level, toxins, heavy metals and free radicals are swapped, binded and eliminated before finally being removed through urine, faeces and sweat over the next 8 hours, thus performed detoxification of the body.

What is the function of NANOZEOLIT and how does it differ from micronized Zeolite?

The function of each antioxidant is to protect cells from free radicals. NANOZEOLITE eliminates all free radicals and toxins that appear as byproducts during the metabolic processes of the body. This is due to the cage-like molecular structure which  is amplified many times over with the special manufacturing technology . Through Nanotechnology, the zeolite is  further ionized and activates itself, making fine nanoparticles without changing its chemical and physical properties. Thus in its penetration through the cell membrane and the stimulation of the ion exchange, toxins and heavy metals are discharged, i.e. deactivated and eliminated out of the body, while in their place the body is supplied with Ca, Fe, K, Mg and Na.
Please note that micronized zeolite acts as an antioxidant, but its effect is drastically weaker and only in digestive tract. That is why each user should know the huge difference in quality and effectiveness between the Nanozeolite and the ground activated Zeolite.

How does it affect health?

By cleansing the body of toxins and regulating the pH factor (the acidity of the body) at the cellular level in the consumer, it acts on improving the overall health condition. The first point is the treatment and rehabilitation at the cellular level, as is previously explained. The second point is direct, ‘attack – fighting’ by the Nanozeolite on cellular level  with anaerobic, abnormal (tumor - cancerous) cells which are ‘acidic' and live and reproduce in an environment with an irregular PH factor destroying neighboring cells in the process. With their neutralization, the neutralization of the environment, and regulation of the pH level to 7.4 as is needed for healthy body cells it prevents their breeding, weakening them, and over a period of about 6 weeks follows the extinction of the mutant cells.